Martin Schmid.
Martin Schmid served as the General Manager for the CNT Business Division at Bayer MaterialScience AG (now Covestro AG) in 2005-2009, where he was responsible for all of R&D, production, sales and CNT business development. Martin currently serves as the General Manager and CEO at Roscommon & Peacock International GmbH.

Torben K. Jacobsen.
Torben K. Jacobsen is Senior Director for Materials & Process Engineering at LM Wind Power, the world’s largest producer of wind turbine blades. Torben is a mechanical engineer by training with a PhD in materials science. Over the years, Torben has worked extensively on fiber-reinforced composites and next-generation materials.

Hassan Aid-Haddou.
Senior Director R&D at Pall Corporation. Hassan is an innovative and strategic R&D executive and has held diverse technology roles over the years. Hassan has a proven track record in leading R&D organizations in Organic and Polymer Chemistry, where he has engineered performance materials (rubber, thermoset and thermoplastic), nanomaterials (surface modification & applications), functional materials (applications in dispersion, coating, flocculation, self-assembly, thin films and membrane surface modification, purification and filtration) and downstream processing.

Professor Larry Gold.
Founder and Chairman of the Board at SomaLogic. Larry also serves on the Board of Directors of BioForce Nanosystems, BT Pharma, CompleGen, MicroPhage and the Scientific Advisory Board of Archemix. Larry founded NeXagen, which later became NeXstar Pharmaceuticals, and co-founded Synergen. Larry is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences.

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