Improving energy production as well as energy storage is imperative to creating a sustainable future. Nanocore technologies will have significant impact on energy creation including old and new energy production methods. Due to the heat conductive and thermal stability of our carbon nanotube technology, traditional equipment that is used for energy creation, energy transport and energy storage will see huge benefits.

For example, by using Nanocore materials, wind turbines will have greater production of energy through lighter and stronger blades that will potentially last longer than previously possible. Equipment to create and facilitate solar power and hydro power will be up to 20 times stronger with load bearing capacity significantly increased, meaning lower costs and lowered ongoing maintenance costs.

Another important frontier in the movement towards green energy is the challenge of energy storage. New materials that have immense conductive properties, less weight and greater strength, mean that storage and transport of harvested energy will become easier and more cost efficient.

High strength, low weight is needed in all industries:






Clothing & Footwear


Paint & Coating