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Carbon nanotubes (CNT)

  • Discovered in the early 90's
  • 120x stronger than steel
  • 20x stronger than carbon fiber
  • High heat- and electrical conductivity
  • Attractive optical properties
  • Universal additive for most materials, incl. plastics, composites, concrete, etc.
  • The wonder additive of the future!
  • Human hair
    1/10 mm

  • Carbon fiber
    1/100 mm

  • Carbon nanotube
    1/1.000.000 mm

Big promises, much disappointment
CNT researchers
Industrially viable solutions for strong, light-weight materials using CNT
It has taken 30 years to not solve the problems with carbon nanotubes

The major challenge is the uneven distribution of CNT, which results in poor composite strength. Additionally, CNT does not anchor to the polymer. The mechanical properties of CNT are therefore not transferred to the composite material.

CNT aggregates
CNT is not anchored

Solution: The Lasso Technology

A proprietary invention by Nanocore that uses the Lasso technology as coupling agent to enable the strength transfer of CNT. By using the Lasso, Nanocore effectively solves the issue of CNT aggregation and at the same time secures a proper anchoring in the material.

A revolution unleashed

By adding CNT, today's materials will undergo revolutionary changes. The Lasso technology enables unprecedented improvements of a wide range of materials.

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Industrial machinery

Nanocore’s technology offer significant benefits to industrial machinery and equipment by replacing metals, thereby lowering costs, enhancing recyclability, and lowering energy consumption of moving parts.

These advanced materials provide exceptional strength and durability while being lighter than traditional metals, reducing overall weight and energy consumption during operation. Moreover, their mechanical properties enable machinery to withstand harsh conditions and heavy loads more effectively, prolonging operational lifespans and reducing maintenance costs.  

Industries will achieve substantial improvements in performance and sustainability, contributing to reduced environmental impact through enhanced recyclability of materials and increased energy efficiency in industrial processes.

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Improving energy production and storage is imperative to creating a sustainable future. Nanocore technologies will significantly improve efficiency in energy production, including both old and new production methods.

Due to the high strength and better durability combined with functional advantages like higher heat conductivity and electrical conductivity of our carbon nanotube technology, traditional equipment used for energy production energy conversion, transport, and storage will see substantial benefits.

For example, using Nanocore materials, wind turbines will have greater energy production through lighter and stronger blades that potentially last longer. Equipment for solar and hydro power will be up to 20 times stronger, with significantly increased load-bearing capacity, resulting in lower costs and reduced maintenance.

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To accommodate the ever-growing global population, new and innovative building technologies are not only desired but also necessary to create sustainable and long-term societal infrastructure.

Housing and building materials will be revolutionized as architects and builders use less dense materials with increased strength and flexibility. These materials will be crucial in areas prone to natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes.

Stronger insulation materials will enable less material use and consequently better insulation properties of foams and other porous structures.

Significant reductions in CO₂ emissions will materialize as construction materials gain improved strength, greater flexibility, and longer lifespans.

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The evolution of transport will be greatly impacted by the introduction of exponentially lighter and stronger materials supported by Nanocore’s carbon nanotube technology.

The transportation of goods and passengers will be significantly enhanced with increases in speed, fuel efficiency, and durability. The durability and strength of this technology mean that mechanical parts for vehicles, aircraft, trains, and boats may last longer and require less maintenance.

Planes can become lighter, stronger, and more fuel-efficient. Trains may become faster with increased load-bearing abilities. Cars will be more durable, energy efficient, and potentially safer.

Boats and other seafaring vessels will be stronger, withstand more impact in rough conditions, and potentially eliminate rust-related issues with strengthened paints and coatings that contain Nanocore technology.

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Sports equipment

Sports equipment will greatly benefit from the technological advantages that nanotube technologies can provide. Lighter and stronger equipment in sports such as rowing, cycling, golf, football and tennis are examples of this.

Contact sports will enjoy greater protection from the flexible yet strong properties of nanotube fibers, which are lighter than ever, allowing athletes to be well protected without the movement restrictions or weight they may have previously encountered.

In endurance sports and outdoor activities, equipment will have longer lifespans and withstand more impact. Sports apparel and equipment will gain new properties, enhancing the experience for both recreational and professional athletes.

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Textiles & clothing

Durability, reduced weight, thermal abilities, and flexibility are all areas that the textile, apparel, and footwear industries are striving to improve.

By using Nanocore technology within clothing and footwear, designers and manufacturers will be able to create products that are stronger, lighter, and have increased heat conductivity without sacrificing flexibility.

Technical apparel such as workwear, sports, and adventure wear will experience revolutionary advancements, as garments and protective gear become significantly stronger without limiting movement. Clothing and footwear may become more durable and protective than previously thought possible.

The heat conductivity of carbon nanotubes may transform the clothing needs of those who live, work or hike in extremely cold climates, allowing for less clothing to be worn.

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Space exploration, satellites, and the potential for living on Mars all require advances in materials that can withstand the impact of traveling at high speeds through the atmosphere, as well as extreme heat and cold conditions.

Nanocore’s technology has the potential to create materials that enable faster, more durable spacecraft, ensuring safer space travel and exploration. Nanocore technology enables lighter and stronger materials with added benefits such as thermal and chemical stability, integration of composite materials, energy conductivity, and flexibility.

Creating stronger and lighter materials with carbon nanotubes means that less fuel will be needed for space travel, and spacecraft will withstand higher pressures, enabling faster travel and providing more protection from impacts.

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Paint & Coatings

Maintaining cars, planes, trains, vessels, offshore equipment, industrial tools, and numerous other items relies heavily on the strength, durability, and protective qualities of paints and coatings. Applying Nanocore technology to these coatings promises significant improvements in lifespan and durability.

Long-term maintenance costs are expected to decrease as these products become exponentially more effective. For instance, coatings with a typical 10-year lifespan could potentially extend to 30 or even 50 years, offering added flexibility and stability.

Buildings, bridges, piping, etc. require coatings to ensure protection and longevity. For example, steel bridges could experience substantially reduced maintenance costs through coatings that seal, reinforce, and protect the steel to unprecedented levels.

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Consumer electronics are constantly striving to improve technologically and to appear more elegant and streamlined compared to their competitors. For instance, televisions are becoming thinner yet larger, which poses structural challenges in their construction.

Nanocore's technology has the potential to revolutionize the design of televisions, computers, mobile phones, and all other electronic consumer goods by making them lighter and stronger. With the advent of hybrid materials, designs will become more innovative and dynamic.

Portable electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, gaming consoles, health tracking devices, and VR headsets will not only become stronger and lighter, potentially extending their lifespan, but also opening up new applications for their use.


  • Massive fuel savings in the transport sector
  • Recyclability - a game changer in itself
  • Automated production
  • Reduced material consumption
  • Increased energy production efficiency
  • CO reduction - especially in construction

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