Clothing & Footwear

Durability, reduced weight, thermal abilities and flexibility are all areas which textile, apparel and footwear industries are striving to improve. By using Nanocore technology within clothing and footwear will allow designers and manufacturers to make stronger, lighter, have increased heat conductivity without seeing a reduction in flexibility.

Technical apparel such as work wear, sports and adventure wear will see revolutionised developments as garments and protective wear will become exponentially stronger without impairing movement. Clothing and footwear may become more durable and protective than has previously been thought to be possible.

The heat conductivity of carbon nanotubing may evolve the clothing needs of those who live in extremely cold climates enabling less clothing to be worn and revolutionising the apparel worn by those who work or have recreation in cold places.

Strength of garments, especially in athletic and adventure wear may result in revolutionised designs. This may lead to products that serve dual purposes, such as inbuilt cords within a jacket, that also serve as light weight, yet stronger, climbing ropes. Sports apparel, especially in contact sports where protective apparel is still big and bulky, may be totally re-designed and revolutionised using the benefits of both light, flexible and strong materials that use carbon nanotube technology. Because nanocarbon tubing is so light, yet flexible, athletic footwear will see longer lifespans and better performance.

Lastly, medical garments that aid in healing and recovery and potentially even garments that assist people with disabilities may find benefits from clothing and footwear that has increased strength and lighter weight whilst retaining flexibility.

The potential of carbon nanotechnology within the clothing and footwear industry is immense and has the possibility to create benefit for everyone from individuals, athletes, workers in arduous environments as well as the medical industry in new and unexpected ways.

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