Paint & Coating

Many industries that manufacture and maintain automobiles, planes, trains, boats, marine equipment, tools and a myriad of other items, rely on the strength, durability and protection of paints and coatings. Through innovative developments in applying Nanocore technology to paints and coatings the lifespan and durability of these products will see incredible improvements. From a long term perspective, maintenance costs will be lowered as these products will see an exponential increase in their efficacy. For example many coatings or paints that have had a 10 year life span may experience a 30 or 50 year life extension with added benefits of flexibility and thermal stabilisation.

Due to the light weight nature of the technology, the weight of cars, trains and other aircraft will be reduced and potentially have residual benefits such as increased efficiency and aerodynamic properties. Buildings along with public infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, aquaducts, piping and tubing all require high tech coatings to protect, maintain and preserve them. Steel bridges for example may see immensely lowered maintenance costs through coatings that seal, reinforce and protect the steel at a level that is previously thought unimaginable. The possibilities are endless and only time will tell the true potential of this new technology.

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Paint & Coating